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Our educators at Catharsis Productions are passionate about cultivating safer and more inclusive educational environments. As pioneers in educational programs aligning with Title IX and VAWA requirements, we invite you to learn how our courses help create compliant and respectful campuses for all. 

What is Title IX? 

Title IX is a federal civil rights law enacted in 1972 as part of the Education Amendments Act. Its primary aim is to prohibit sex-based discrimination in educational programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. 

Under Title IX, educational institutions must provide equal opportunities, resources, and support to all individuals regardless of gender. This includes addressing issues such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, and gender-based discrimination. 

What is the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)? 

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), first enacted in 1994 and reauthorized in 2013, is a federal law focusing on addressing domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. It recognizes the importance of safeguarding individuals from these forms of violence, especially on college campuses. 

How Does VAWA Relate to Title IX? 

VAWA and Title IX are interconnected in their efforts to create safer environments within educational institutions. VAWA supplements Title IX by requiring colleges to have procedures in place to prevent and respond to incidents of sexual assault on campus.  

What Are the Reporting Requirements Under VAWA and Title IX? 

One of the core requirements of both VAWA and Title IX is the establishment of clear and accessible reporting mechanisms for incidents of sexual misconduct. Educational institutions must investigate and address these reports while also respecting the survivor’s privacy to the extent permitted by law.  

Reporting ensures survivors receive the support they need and that incidents are documented for accountability and prevention. 

What Does Title IX Require for Educational Institutions? 

Title IX mandates educational institutions to take proactive measures to create an environment free from gender-based discrimination, harassment, and violence. This includes implementing policies, procedures, and prevention programs to: 

  • Prevent and respond to incidents of sexual misconduct. 
  • Offer counseling, medical care, and legal assistance to survivors. 
  • Provide a fair and impartial investigation process. 
  • Ensure equitable access to educational opportunities. 


Why Is It Important for Sexual Assault Training Programs to Meet Title IX and VAWA Requirements? 

Creating a safe and respectful campus environment requires more than just compliance with the law — it needs proactive efforts to prevent sexual misconduct and support survivors. Training programs that meet Title IX and VAWA requirements help achieve this goal by: 

  • Increasing awareness: These programs educate students, faculty, and staff about their rights and responsibilities under Title IX and VAWA, as well as the importance of creating a culture of respect and consent. 
  • Building skills: Our training programs equip individuals with practical skills such as bystander intervention, understanding consent, recognizing harassment, and fostering inclusive and respectful interpersonal relationships. 
  • Promoting prevention: By raising awareness and building skills, we empower individuals to take action to prevent sexual misconduct, intervene when necessary, and contribute to a safer campus community. 


What Do Our Compliant Trainings Cover? 

Our training programs are designed to meet Title IX and VAWA requirements while also addressing the broader issues of sexual assault prevention and awareness. These comprehensive trainings cover a range of interpersonal relationship topics, including: 


Understanding what consent is and how it works is essential in preventing sexual misconduct. We provide clarity on the importance of enthusiastic, informed, and ongoing consent. 

Bystander Intervention 

Our trainings teach effective bystander intervention techniques that can make a difference in preventing sexual violence. 


Creating an inclusive campus culture that respects diversity and promotes equality is a cornerstone of our training programs. We emphasize the importance of creating an environment where all individuals feel valued and supported. 

Sexual Assault 

We cover the various forms of sexual assault, their impact on survivors, and the steps to take in reporting and responding to incidents. 


Recognizing and addressing harassment in all forms helps maintain a respectful and safe campus environment. Our programs provide guidance on identifying and confronting harassment. 


Our training programs raise awareness about stalking behaviors and provide strategies for personal safety. 

Alcohol Abuse 

Our educators address the connection between alcohol abuse and sexual assault and offer strategies to reduce risks. 

Looking for Sexual Assault Prevention Training That Follows Title IX and VAWA Requirements? 

If you want to make your campus safer and more respectful while meeting Title IX and VAWA requirements, start the journey with a simple step — reach out to Catharsis Productions today. 

Contact us to discover how our programs and courses can empower your institution to create a culture prioritizing safety, respect, and equality.