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While this type of abuse has long been a part of human life; recent social initiatives, political discussions, legal actions, and media stories have readied our society to give the issue the time and resources it deserves. However, success in this area is harder than it seems. Sexual violence is rooted in cognitive and behavioral biases formed during childhood, it challenges systems that are both valued and despised, and its discussion almost immediately brings forth defensiveness and thus limited learning opportunities.

Catharsis Productions specializes in meeting today’s service members where they are and taking them to where they need to be, while helping them understand that sexual violence is not wrong because it is illegal, it is illegal because it is wrong. We produce innovative, accessible, and research-supported programming that shifts behavior and delivers results. Since 2000, we have developed and delivered live and web-based prevention education programming for military audiences, conducting over 11,200 trainings for Department of Defense personnel, reaching an estimated 2.2 million service members.

Part of our overall approach centers around mission readiness. Any training effort in any subject must speak to the “why” behind it, helping service members understand how it supports their mission and the values they espouse. Catharsis taps into military values, framing core issues of consent, communication, and intervention as components of these values and prerequisites to trust and function as a teammate with your fellow Soldier, Airman, Sailor, or Marine.

We offer a variety of programming options, able to be conducted virtually or in-person, intentionally scaffolded to meet each service member where they are in their career and help arm them with the tools needed to improve their Command Climate and overall culture.

We possess significant expertise in the content knowledge and the delivery methodology necessary to produce and implement innovative prevention education that successfully engages diverse audiences on the topics of discrimination, harassment, and violence. Regardless of format or content, we rely heavily on several key components within all our efforts:

  • Audience Interaction – engages attendees and makes them part of learning process
  • Research Driven and Supported – remain constantly up to date on findings in relevant fields and regularly evaluate programs
  • Subject Matter Expertise – instructors and developers are thoroughly trained and can speak to the issue outside of a script
  • Facilitated Dialogue – peer to peer learning is most impactful
  • Humor and Accessibility – breaks down barriers and defensiveness
  • Comprehensive and Aligned Messaging – messages only work if they are reinforced by other programs, materials, and surrounding efforts
  • Efficacy – consistently survey, research, and consult with third-party researchers to maintain awareness of program impact and adjust when needed

These mechanisms function to create the most impactful curriculum possible and separate the Catharsis Productions approach from others in the field. In fact, Catharsis programs at Great Lakes Naval Station near Chicago have contributed to anonymous reports of completed or attempted sexual assault dropping more than 60% (New York Times, July 2013). Sailors there consistently demonstrate significant improvements in their knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors regarding sexual violence and bystander behavior after participating in prevention programming. Additionally, in the U.S. Army, Catharsis training was determined to be “the only class during the first several weeks of training that trainees can recall with any detail by the end of the training cycle (Small Wars Journal, October 2014).”

Hiring external vendors to address complex social issues comes with a myriad of risks to the government. By partnering with Catharsis Productions, every branch can rest assured knowing they are collaborating with an industry leader who is unsurpassed in terms of past performance, quality, bandwidth, methodology, and audience impact.

TRADOC’s Sex Signals class which uses an interactive format, comedy, and talented improvisation actors to teach appropriate social behavior is routinely the only class during the first several weeks of training that trainees can recall with any detail by the end of the training cycle.

—Small Wars Journal

  • 87%

    Forest Service employees said “the training content was pertinent and useful

  • 89%

    of Basic Training Soldiers said they are more likely to intervene in potentially bad situations after having seen the presentation

  • 89%

    of USDA employees said they would "be able to apply the knowledge learned" in the training

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