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Challenging the Culture

In order for sexual predators to be stopped and held accountable, the culture must see their actions as deplorable and in direct opposition to their mission and core values. A critical strategy for eliminating a rape-supportive culture is challenging victim blaming—the belief that the victim is at least partly responsible for their rape. Individuals who blame rape victims for their victimization are less able to support survivors in their midst, intervene proactively when they see an individual in a sexually threatening situation, and will fail to challenge the larger culture that supports sexually coercive behavior.

To meet this need, Beat the Blame Game actively engages participants in breaking down the most common reasons why people blame victims and support alleged perpetrators, and then dismantles those arguments by applying logic, ethics, and exposing the reality of sexual violence. Our highly-skilled educators are able to engage participants in a dynamic conversation that enables them to challenge their own beliefs without being shamed, as well as provide the skills to constructively challenge those views when expressed by others.

Additionally, this enables the survivors of sexual violence, of all gender identities, to cease blaming themselves for their victimization, and get the critical support they need to recover.

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Learning Objectives

  • Introduce participants to the concepts of “Just World Hypothesis” and “Hindsight Bias,” in order to understand why so many people justify victim blaming arguments and false beliefs about sexual violence.

  • Enable participants to recognize the distinct markers of victim blaming arguments and the beliefs that undergird them, both in their own thinking and in others.

  • Enable participants to understand the different ways in which victims of all gender identities are blamed.

  • Provide participants with counter-arguments they can use to challenge victim blaming statements.

  • Enable participants to better support survivors who may be blaming themselves for their victimization, instead of getting the help they need.

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