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Trusted Catharsis by organizations and institutions across the country
  • Training the Trainers

    We designed the Force of Awesome Institute (also known as FOAI) just for you: passionate, overworked individuals tasked with the enormous responsibility of teaching the toughest content out there. No matter your audience or subject matter, you deserve to be trained how to design and deliver the best content possible. You deserve that, and so do the communities you serve.

  • Getting your Hands Dirty

    Force of Awesome Institutes, while content-rich, are not “information dumps.” The research we share highlights the most relevant research in the fields of education, psychology, sociology, and moral development, as they apply to our specific content areas. We teach participants how to utilize that research strategically, and actionably—it’s not helpful if they can’t integrate it into their practice.

Transferring capacity to prevention educators, corporate employees, military professionals, and higher education staff members.

Training & Programs

Who We've Worked With

  • Ohio Alliance Against Violence
  • New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs
  • Hope Shores Alliance
  • U.S. Center for Safe Sport
  • University of Buffalo
  • Ohio State University
  • MCVP Crisis and Prevention Center
  • Georgia Network to end Sexual Assault
  • Resilience (formerly Rape Victim Advocates)
  • Chicago Alliance Against Exploitation
  • Survivor Resource Center
  • C-U Races
  • University of Wilmington
  • Colorado College
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