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Train the Trainer for Corporate professionals

Let’s face it. The job of an HR professional can be overwhelming, and demands the individual have talent for policy, challenging conversations, fostering positive work culture and a whole host of duties as assigned. Key among those duties is the delivering of mandatory training programs.

As public speaking ranks high on the list of experiences people dread the most, it is very possible that delivering those training programs is one of the least favorite parts of the job. And while autonomous online learning programs definitely serve their purpose, there’s just something special about getting employees in a room together, having meaningful face-to-face dialogue, and working through meaningful issues as a team. Before you panic, know that our Force of Awesome Institute can help you do just that: not only can we design a program that fits your needs, we can help build your capacity to deliver it with confidence.

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Ready to be a force of awesome?

We specialize in teaching others how to present the toughest issues:

  • Unconscious bias, power, privilege and oppression

  • LGBTQIA rights and inclusivity

  • Any topic that inspires similar levels of defensiveness and emotion

These subjects are about more than listing policies: they challenge existing beliefs and behaviors.

The Force of Awesome Institute is an innovative train-the-trainer program that has reached over hundreds of educators around the United States.

Their subject matter ranged from sexual violence and harassment prevention to gender identity inclusivity in the workplace.

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