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Creating a Training Program Specific to you Company Needs

Every company is different; your employees, your internal communication, the mission, vision and values; they are all part of your company culture. At Catharsis Productions we realize that improving a company culture is not a one size fits all strategy, therefore we take the time to get to know your company to ensure that our collaboration is unique to your organization. Whether we assist you in the development of a DEI plan, create a harassment training tailored for your company’s needs, or look into culturally significant talent development, we are equipped and excited to guide you towards creating a respectful workplace.

Catharsis Productions — Who says social change can’t be exciting?

We believe in what we do, we enjoy what we do, and we have fun while doing it. Catharsis Productions is not your typical consulting firm, we are a collaborative partner and will work with you to create an awesome strategy that is meaningful and applicable to your culture. Catharsis Productions opens the door to years of experience in DEI, anti-harassment, bullying, inclusion, and other socially significant issues. Our consultants come from a wide variety of back grounds and are experienced trainers, who deliver consequential continuing education.

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Working with Catharsis Productions means:

  • We work with you

    Collaborative partnership

  • Range of Topics

    Topics such as: DEI, anti-harassment, bullying, inclusion

  • Relatable

    Creating a unique approach through engagement and adult learning

  • Customized

    Training tailored to your companies needs

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