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Why Sex Signals?

  • Combines theater, improvisational comedy, and audience interaction to truly engage and educate audiences
  • Illuminates issues surrounding dating, sex, and sexual violence on college campuses through relatable language and scenarios
  • Includes an intersectional lens to critique how stereotypes about sexuality and gender identity contribute to a culture that privilege some and objectify others.

What else?

  • Meets almost all Title IX prevention strategy expectations
  • Updated annually to stay in alignment with research and relevant to audiences
  • Also available in an online, live remote format as well

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What does Sex Signals cover?

  • Explores the definition of active consent

  • Unpacks the importance and necessity of consent

  • Explains the relationship between alcohol and sexual assault

  • Frames rape as a moral issue

  • Encourages the importance of bystander intervention

  • Deconstructs the impact of rape on the victim (and the community)

  • Debunks myths surrounding rape and survivors of violence

We are meeting people where they are by turning compliance into conversation.

Judith - Sex Signals (Higher Education)