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Making the Connections

Got Your Back is a facilitated discussion about sexual culture, sexual harassment and assault, and bystander intervention. It engages audiences in an honest discussion about hooking-up and identifies the differences between a healthy hookup, regretted sex, and rape. Myths about sex are being used to blame victims, protect perpetrators, and confuse bystanders. This program creates a clear picture of healthy sex in contrast to the methods perpetrators use, breaking the myth that rape is an accident or a regretted sexual experience. When we give our audiences honest information about what sex is, it is easier to identify what sex isn’t.

The program is designed to dismantle the false belief that rape is really just a bad hookup, as well as differentiate between healthy intimacy and sexual violence. It ends with a discussion on bystander intervention that goes beyond the moment of crisis and examines how people can intervene in unhealthy and stereotypical cultural messaging that contribute to a toxic culture that supports perpetrators and isolates and blames victims.

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Learning Objectives

  • Make connections between sexual harassment and sexist language and the perpetuation of a culture that supports sexual violence.

  • Communicate clearly and unequivocally the necessary components of consent required in a sexual situation.

  • Further explore the role alcohol plays in sexual assault.

  • Examine the stereotypes people have about sex and how those stereotypes blind us to when an intervention is needed.

  • Examine the how perpetrator of sexual violence hide in plain sight by exploiting those stereotypes.

  • Identify social cues a bystander could interpret as signs that an intervention is warranted. Use their new tools to intervene in situations beyond the bar to make sustainable cultural change.

  • Galvanize individuals to act as change agents within military culture to ensure it does not perpetuate a climate that enables sex offenders to operate.

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