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At Catharsis Productions, we want to guide you through our workplace harassment training programs and courses designed to help you build a workplace where everyone can thrive

Our training goes beyond compliance – it’s about fostering a workplace where everyone feels valued. Join us as we explore the importance of workplace harassment training, its audience, frequency, legal implications, and how you can take action. 

What is Workplace Harassment Training? 

Workplace harassment training is a proactive and educational program. It gives employees and employers the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent, recognize, and effectively address workplace harassment. 

Workplace harassment training goes beyond simple awareness by providing practical guidance on creating a respectful and inclusive workplace. 

At Catharsis Productions, we believe effective training should be engaging, interactive, and enlightening. Our programs incorporate real-world scenarios, case studies, and open discussions to ensure participants deeply understand harassment issues and their implications in the workplace. 

woman being harassed and in a place needing workplace harassment training


Why is Workplace Harassment Training Important? 

Fostering a Respectful Workplace Culture 

A respectful workplace is one where every individual feels valued, safe, and free from discrimination or harassment. Workplace harassment training plays a pivotal role in shaping this culture by instilling empathy, understanding, and mutual respect among employees. 

Reducing Harassment Incidents 

Workplace harassment training empowers individuals to identify, prevent, and respond to harassment. The likelihood of harassment incidents significantly decreases when you arm employees with the right skills. 

Legal Compliance 

Many jurisdictions and industries mandate workplace harassment training to ensure compliance with anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws. By providing this training, your organization creates a safer environment and mitigates potential legal liabilities. 

Empowering Bystanders 

Workplace harassment training empowers bystanders to take action when they witness harassment. Encouraging active bystander intervention is a powerful tool in preventing and stopping harassment incidents. 

Encouraging Reporting 

Employees who are educated about workplace harassment are more likely to report incidents as soon as they happen. Reporting allows for effective issue resolution and ensures those responsible for wrongdoing are held accountable for their actions. 

respectful employees working after workplace harassment training

Who Should Receive Workplace Harassment Training? 

Workplace harassment training should be inclusive and reach all segments of your organization. Here’s a breakdown of who should receive this training: 

  • Employees: Workplace harassment training benefits all employees, regardless of their position within the organization. It creates a consistent understanding of harassment and empowers everyone to contribute to a respectful workplace. 
  • Managers and Supervisors: Managers and supervisors set the tone for the workplace. Therefore, they need a deep understanding of harassment issues to lead by example, address concerns, and enforce policies. 
  • Human Resources Personnel: HR professionals often serve as the first point of contact for harassment reports. Comprehensive training equips them with the skills to handle complaints impartially and in compliance with legal requirements. 


How Often Should Workplace Harassment Training Be Conducted? 

The frequency of workplace harassment training can vary depending on your organization’s specific needs, industry, and legal requirements. However, here are some general guidelines: 

  • Annual Training: Conducting workplace harassment training every year is an excellent practice. It helps reinforce the principles, ensures employees stay updated with any changes in policies or laws, and creates a culture of continuous learning. 
  • New Employee Training: New employees should receive training shortly after joining the organization. This early education familiarizes them with your workplace culture, policies, and expectations. 
  • Special Circumstances: In addition to regular training, consider conducting training in response to significant workplace events, policy changes, or emerging issues that may affect your organization. 


Are There Consequences for Employees Who Do Not Complete Workplace Harassment Training? 

Organizations tend to establish policies and procedures to make sure employees complete workplace harassment training. Here are some common approaches to address non-compliance: 

  1. Reminder and Encouragement

In many cases, organizations start with gentle reminders and encouragement. Employees who have not completed the training may receive reminders via email or other communication channels. These reminders stress the importance of the training and encourage completion. 

  1. Access Restrictions

Some organizations may restrict access to certain resources or benefits until employees complete the required workplace harassment training. For example, employees may be unable to access promotions, special projects, or certain company facilities until they have completed the training. 

  1. Managerial Intervention

Managers and supervisors can engage with employees individually, discuss the importance of training, and provide support to address any concerns or barriers that may stop them from completing it. 

  1. Progressive Disciplinary Measures

Organizations may implement progressive disciplinary measures in cases of repeated non-compliance or deliberate refusal to complete training. These measures can range from verbal counseling to written warnings. 

  1. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

In some jurisdictions and industries, non-compliance with workplace harassment training requirements may have legal consequences. Organizations must be aware of and adhere to local and industry-specific regulations regarding training and consequences for non-compliance. 

Ready to Take Action with Workplace Harassment Training? 

Catharsis Productions is here to support your organization in creating a safe, respectful, and harassment-free workplace. Contact us today to get more information about our courses and programs!