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Addressing Harassment in the Workplace

Not to be mistaken for the cringe-worthy online harassment trainings of old, Culture Matters is an on-trend, research-supported, and highly engaging training that addresses challenging topics with both levity and deference. Through extensive research, we have learned that reducing defenses through an appropriate mix of humor and human relatability increases message retention.

We also know that sexual harassment, microaggressions, gender discrimination, and power dynamics themselves are no laughing matter, and we take care to approach each subject matter with the respect deserved.

Culture Matters is highly interactive and responds to the way the user engages with it. The material is delivered as dialogue by Amber, your friendly “host” for the training. The tone, animation, and dynamic interaction will keep employees truly engaged throughout the training. In addition, parts of the training are customizable to include your organization’s harassment policies and resources. The training can be completed in under an hour and viewed by your employees anytime and anywhere via desktop, laptop, or mobile device. No more coordination between states and time zones, this online training is self-paced and easily accessible.

Culture Matters - An Sexual Harassment and Anti-Harassment Training

Key Program Takeaways

  • Be able to identify sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and retaliation

  • Understand how they can intervene to lessen harm and increase respect

  • Learn various ways to respond to sexual harassment, retaliation, or discrimination

  • See that creating a more respectful environment leads to a more productive and positive workplace

  • Know their rights, remedies, and the reporting and support options available through your company

  • Possess tools in how they can support survivors of harm

  • Recognize the role leaders must play to reduce and respond to sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and retaliation

Culture Matters - An Sexual Harassment and Anti-Harassment Training

Key Program Features

  • Training meets ALL Federal and State Sexual and Anti-Harassment training mandates for staff level employees

  • Designed to meet the most stringent state mandates including those of California, Illinois, New York, Maine, Delaware, and Connecticut

  • Easily accessible on multiple types of devices

  • SCORM training package option available for LMS integration

  • Our hosting portal can track training completion

  • 60-minute training as needed, and trainees reconnected to where they left off

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Culture Matters - An Sexual Harassment and Anti-Harassment Training

What are the effects of online harassment?

When we think of sexual harassment in the workplace, we often think of in-person victimization. However, with the advent of technological advancement, we are seeing more and more sexual harassment, bullying, and abuse taking place on various online platforms. Remote work, social media platforms, and cell phones have created an accessibility that has not been seen before in our lifetime. Online harassment can have effects just as - if not more - devastating on the victim.

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Eating disturbances

  • Feelings of violation, shame, humiliation, or loss of control

  • Panic attacks

  • PTSD

  • Suicidal ideation

  • Substance abuse

  • Increased stress levels

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Not your average sexual harassment training

Meet your States sexual harassment and anti-harassment training requirements while enjoying your experience.