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Engaging, Witty, and Stimulating Training that Reinforces Positive Work Culture

Post-pandemic – one might even say pre-pandemic – sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation has moved beyond the walls of offices, shop floors, restaurants, hospitals, and other in-person workspaces. These toxic behaviors are happening more frequently through email, phone calls, videoconferencing, or anywhere two or more people convene for work. After successfully launching our live in-person anti-harassment training Please Advise, Catharsis Productions introduced our live-remote version of this training: Compliance in a Click. This live-remote training is inventive, relevant, change-actuating, and 100% compliant with state law requirements in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, NY, and all other states where harassment prevention training is mandated.

Why Training Matters

Sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation create a toxic workplace culture that negatively impacts workplace safety, productivity, retention, and employee wellbeing. These behaviors affect all employees regardless of gender, class, race, sexual orientation, ability, belief, or ethnicity. Often people think these behaviors only affect the target of harm, but we know they create a ripple effect that not only hurts employees, but can sabotage unit cohesion, retention, and recruitment efforts.

This training provides your company the opportunity to both meet your compliance training requirements as well as reflect your values and commitment to a respectful and equitable workplace in the office or at home working remotely.

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Take your Sexual Harassment Training to the Next Level

Everyone in the workplace is part of the solution to ending sexual harassment and creating a culture of respect. Contact us to request a free demo and to learn more about this program.

We are all part of the solution

We help your staff create more equitable and respectful company culture wherever they work. At the end of this training participants will: be able to identify sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and retaliation understand that everyone is responsible for creating a more respectful environment where everyone thrives understand how they can respond to sexual harassment, retaliation, or discrimination know their rights, remedies, and reporting options get a summary of federal and state laws know how they can support survivors of harm understand how they can intervene to lessen harm and increase respect know what leaders can and must do to reduce and respond to sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and retaliation have practiced responding to moments of sexual harassment, gender discrimination, or retaliation using real to life scenarios.

We Exceed all of your Compliance Needs

  • Staff and Management versions available

  • Recorded version of live-remote training available

  • Post Session Resource Guide

  • Attendance and participation report available to track employee engagement

  • Customized scenarios specific to your organization; policies/values/mission incorporation; logo; and more

  • Illinois SB 0075 compliant; California AB 1825, AB 2053 and S.B. 396, S.B 1343 compliant; Connecticut Gen. Stat. § 46a-54(15)(B) compliant; Delaware HB 360 compliant; Maine 807(3) compliant; New York compliant; All other states - compliant

Compliance in a click by Catharsis Productions

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