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SHARP training is a powerful initiative that empowers individuals to create safer, more respectful spaces within the military community. At Catharsis Productions, we provide these courses to teach how to stand up against sexual harassment and assault while promoting a culture of understanding and empathy. 

What is SHARP Training? 

SHARP training stands for Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention training. It is a program designed for military personnel and civilians within the Department of Defense (DoD) to address the critical issues of sexual harassment and sexual assault. 

The core objective of SHARP training is to create a safe and inclusive environment within the military where everyone can thrive without fear of harassment or assault. 

soldiers after military sexual assault prevention

Understanding the Core Principles of SHARP Training 

SHARP training is pivotal in fostering safe and respectful workplace environments. At its core, SHARP training aims to equip military personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify, prevent, and respond to instances of sexual harassment and assault. 

The training typically encompasses a range of topics, including defining inappropriate behavior, understanding consent, and establishing a culture of reporting. One fundamental principle is education on recognizing power dynamics within the military community, emphasizing the importance of creating an atmosphere where individuals feel empowered to speak up against harassment. 

Furthermore, the training often delves into bystander intervention strategies, encouraging military members to actively participate in creating a safer space for everyone. By understanding the core principles of SHARP training, organizations can not only meet compliance requirements but also contribute to building a positive and inclusive culture, fostering an environment where everyone feels respected and protected. 

What Are the Goals of SHARP Training? 

  • Promoting a Culture of Respect: SHARP training aims to foster a culture within the military community that prioritizes respect for all individuals, regardless of gender or rank. It seeks to create an environment where mutual respect is the norm. 
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment and Assault: One of the central objectives of SHARP training is to educate military personnel and civilians on how to recognize and prevent instances of sexual harassment and sexual assault. It equips individuals with the knowledge and tools to intervene when necessary and reduce the occurrence of these incidents. 
  • Providing Support for Survivors: SHARP training ensures participants are aware of the resources and support available to survivors of sexual harassment and assault. This includes medical, legal, and counseling services, as well as advocacy and peer support groups. 
  • Empowering Bystander Intervention: SHARP training empowers individuals to become active bystanders who can intervene when they witness situations that may lead to harm. This crucial section empowers individuals with the skills and confidence to be proactive bystanders and prevent sexual harassment and assault. 
  • Fostering Awareness of Consent and Boundaries: Participants in SHARP training gain a deeper understanding of the importance of consent in all interpersonal interactions. They learn how to recognize and respect personal boundaries, which is crucial for preventing inappropriate behavior. 
  • Education on how to Report Procedures: SHARP training provides information on the reporting procedures within the military. Participants learn how to report incidents, including confidential reporting options, ensuring no one suffers in silence. 


Who is Required to Attend SHARP Training? 

  • Active-duty military members 
  • Reservists 
  • National Guard personnel 
  • DoD civilians 
  • Military contractors 


Why is SHARP Training Important? 

Creating a Safer Military Community 

SHARP training is instrumental in shaping the military community into a safer and more respectful space for all. Educating individuals about the importance of consent, boundaries, and respect actively contributes to the prevention of sexual harassment and assault. 

Empowering Bystander Intervention 

Armed with the knowledge and skills gained through training, people can intervene when they witness assault, thus preventing harm and providing support to potential survivors. 

Providing Support for Survivors 

SHARP training equips participants with information about the resources available for survivors of sexual harassment and assault. This knowledge is useful to those who have experienced such incidents, as it ensures they receive the help they need and deserve. 

Changing Cultural Norms 

SHARP training challenges harmful cultural norms that perpetuate sexual harassment and assault. It encourages open dialogue and reinforces the idea that everyone has a role in preventing and addressing these issues. 

How Often is SHARP Training Required? 

The frequency of SHARP training depends on the specific branch of the military and organizational policies. However, it is commonly required every year or as part of initial training and refresher courses.  

Staying up-to-date with SHARP training ensures military personnel and civilians remain well-informed and vigilant in their efforts to prevent sexual harassment and assault. 

Take Action Now with Our SHARP Training for the Military 

If you are looking to enhance your knowledge about sexual harassment and assault prevention, or if you are interested in our other courses and programs on the topic, we invite you to take the next step. Contact Catharsis Productions today!