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Why Beat the Blame Game?

  • Provides an antidote to victim blaming, the greatest barrier to holding rapists accountable and giving survivors the critical support they need.
  • Allows first responders (faculty, RAs, student leaders) the space to challenge their own biases without exposing them to peers.
  • Enables participants with strategies and tools to challenge toxic victim blaming attitudes while avoiding antagonistic engagement.


  • Serves as outstanding CEU for Resident Advisors, Mandated Reporters, and Responsible Employees.
  • Available in an online or live remote format.
  • Substantial discount when coupled with Sex Signals or The Hook-Up in a school year.

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What does Beat the Blame Game cover?

  • Helps student leaders and resident advisors evaluate their internal bias and identify common reasons for blaming the victim

  • Responds to victim-blaming comments through bystander intervention strategy

  • Creates a campus culture that supports victims and holds perpetrators accountable

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