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Why Say What?!

  • Uses humor, interactive exercises, and research from psychology and adult learning theory to create an impactful and meaningful learning environment for all participants.
  • Drives positive communication and cross-cultural understanding to actively promote wellness, continuing education and a healthier campus community.
  • Challenges participants to understand their own biases and privileges but without shame.

What else?

  • Workbook can be included so participants can capture most relevant tools and introspections.
  • Updated annually to stay in alignment with research and relevant to audiences.
  • Also available in an online, live remote format as well.

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What does Say What?! Cover?

  • Explores how gender, race, ethnicity, age and abilities influences an individual's experiences and identity

  • Explains what micro-aggressions are, why people commit them and how we can prevent them

  • Empowers everyone to be part of the solution in fostering a more respectful and productive environment in your campus

We are meeting people where they are by turning compliance into conversation.