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Sexual Violence & Marginalized Groups

May 31, 2017

When talking about sexual violence and victims of sexual assault, we need to be aware that minorities and any marginalized groups are often the most vulnerable and the ones who struggle the most to gain protection and helpful resources.

Watch Jennifer Valles, long-time anti-violence professional and advocate, discuss how factors such as race, class, ethnicity and disability may make individuals particularly vulnerable to sexual assault and how it affects reporting as well.


Jen spent over a decade in the non-profit sector working to end sexual violence (she’s spent significantly more in her personal life!). She began her career as the Trainer for the Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline, where she earned an award for her training topics, and most recently was the Associate Director of Violence Recovery Services at Heartland Alliance, programming serving individuals of all ages impacted by Domestic and Sexual Violence. Jen’s work has centered primarily on communities of Color and LGBTQ Communities.


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