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DEI, Racism

A Future Where All Of Us Can Breathe Free

June 1, 2020

On the 99th anniversary of the historically destructive Tulsa Race Massacre, we are compelled to add our voices to the community chorus in advocating for justice and equity for Black people in our nation. We must begin engaging in the critical, meaningful dialogue about where we as a country go from here. We must find ways of meeting this moment authentically; it will take self-awareness, perspective-taking, accountability, and yes, catharsis, to achieve a genuine transformation of relationships between individuals, systems, and nations.

Catharsis Productions calls upon all leaders to engage in meaningful conversations as we work towards systemic change. As an organization, we are not exempt from this challenge.  We commit to modeling this dialogue internally even as we facilitate such discussions with others. We will follow that dialogue with purposeful action, for it is through our actions that we show others the true nature of our character and commitment.

We are united in grief, and are bound by the responsibilities we share with Americans and citizens of the world: to reckon with our past, deal with our present, and to work toward a future where all of us can breathe free.

Catharsis Productions

Catharsis Productions' mission is to change the world by producing innovative, accessible and 
research-supported programming that challenges oppressive attitudes and shifts behavior.