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Gender Identity

In the news: Week of 5/18 – 5/25

May 25, 2018

Asia Argento Calls Out Cannes Crowd for Implicit Support of Harvey Weinstein, ELLE | May 21, 2018


How to improve onscreen steam after Hollywood’s reckoning, Mashable | May 21, 2018


Former Uber Engineer’s Lawsuit Claims Sexual Harassment, New York Times | May 21, 2018


How the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Arbitration Hurts the #MeToo Movement, The Cut | May 21, 2018


R. Kelly Sued for Sexual Battery and False Imprisonment in New York, New York Times | May 21, 2018


Mario Batali Under Criminal Investigation For Sexual Misconduct: NYPD, Huffington Post | May 22, 2018


McDonald’s workers describe rampant harassment, workplace groping and suggestive comments,Washington Post | May 22, 2018


Congress moves to revamp laws to combat sexual misconduct in its ranks, Washington Post | May 23, 2018


Trump’s Title X Funding Update Includes A Detail About Sexual Abuse That Could Be Really Problematic, Bustle | May 23, 2018


Women accuse Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, harassment, CNN | May 25, 2018


Harvey Weinstein charged with rape and other abuse violations in sexual assault cases, The Washington Post | May 25, 2018

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