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What kind of sexual harassment training is most effective?

January 14, 2019

We recently conducted a national survey to better understand the needs and requirements of the corporate community regarding sexual harassment training. 

The study was conducted in collaboration with Qualtrics, and all respondents were HR professionals responsible for training and/or compliance in their company. Two hundred eighty-six respondents completed the survey, representative of age, gender, states, number of employees, and industries.

One of the questions we asked was: What kind of sexual harassment training would you consider most effective?


Though many companies have implemented online compliance training, this does not appear to be the preferred training method for the respondents of our survey. The respondents in our study considered live interactive workshops to be most effective. 

And we agree! The EEOC states that live programming is the preferred method for delivering effective sexual harassment prevention programming (2017). While online trainings seem like a cost-effective solution, best practices call for live programming, which is more cost effective in the long run, as a cultural change model would aid in the reduction of employee turnover, sick days, and potential lawsuits. 

Our goal with this information was to create a program that meets HR needs, meets the audience where they are, and also builds on what we know to be best practices from the research. 

To read more of our findings check out our white paper: Implementing Harassment Training

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