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Why Is Workplace Harassment Training Important?

August 14, 2023

Your workplace should be a place where everyone feels like a respected, impactful part of a team. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In today’s workplaces, fostering a culture of respect and inclusion is not just a nice-to-have but a must-have. 

Read on to learn why workplace harassment is a real problem, and how training can make all the difference in fostering a safer and inclusive environment. 

woman being harassed and in a place needing workplace harassment training

What Does Workplace Harassment Mean?

Workplace harassment refers to any unwelcome behavior, whether verbal, physical, or psychological, that creates a hostile or intimidating environment for employees. These words or actions come in various shapes and forms, including sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination. 

five Benefits of Taking Workplace Harassment Training

1. Creating Awareness and Recognition 

Thanks to workplace harassment training, you can raise awareness among employees. Training sessions educate individuals about different forms of harassment and help them recognize red flags. 

Imagine you’re at your desk, diligently working, when someone makes a comment about your co-worker’s beliefs, weight, or gender that makes you cringe. You could choose the silent treatment, thinking, “Maybe it’s not my place to say anything,” or worrying about potential awkwardness. But silence unintentionally signals such behavior is okay, and discomfort lingers like a bad odor. 

On the other hand, you can choose to speak up, talk calmly to the person responsible, or report it to the appropriate channels. Speaking up protects your own well-being and sends a clear message that you don’t tolerate harassment. 

Workplace harassment training equips employees with the knowledge and confidence to choose the second option — to speak up. It empowers individuals to take a stand against inappropriate behavior and collectively create a more respectful and inclusive work environment. 

2. Legal and Ethical Obligations 

Workplace harassment training is more than a checkbox to tick off; it’s a positive step forward and a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. Organizations usually have to provide harassment prevention training to their employees to comply with anti-discrimination laws. 

Aside from the legal obligations, most employers want the best for the people who work for them. Therefore, they have an ethical responsibility to ensure everyone can work in a place free from harassment and discrimination. 

3. Protecting Employee Well-being 

Workplace harassment training is like a shield that defends employees against the dark forces of discomfort and distress. 

The link between workplace harassment and employee well-being is crystal clear. Experiencing harassment can take a serious toll on someone’s mental health and overall happiness. Nobody deserves that kind of stress, and that’s where training swoops in to help. 

4. Mitigating Legal Risks 

For organizations, the consequences of brushing aside workplace harassment training can be severe. Legal risks, including lawsuits and hefty fines, are the stuff of nightmares for any business. 

Proper training eliminates legal risks and it’s a badge of honor that shows your commitment to playing by the rules and protecting your employees’ well-being. 

5. Bystander Intervention and Empowerment 

Workplace harassment training isn’t just about the victims and perpetrators. It’s about empowering every member of your team to be the hero they can be. 

Bystander intervention training teaches employees how to leap into action when they witness harassment. With these newfound powers, they become part of an unstoppable force, allies standing against workplace harassment. 

respectful employees working after workplace harassment training

Interested in Engaging and Effective Workplace Harassment Training?

If you’re ready to make your workplace a hub of respect and inclusivity, Catharsis Productions is here to help. Our innovative programs, workshops, and consulting are tailored to engage all audiences and seamlessly integrate with popular platforms like Blackboard. Contact us today to learn more! 

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