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Raise Your Voice. Vote.

November 7, 2017

Today is Election Day for many of you. Don’t forget to vote and raise your voice about the issues that matter to you.


94 million Americans have statewide elections on November 7. There are lots of seats at stake in New Jersey and Virginia (including the governor and the state legislature), while other states have ballot initiatives on major issues like healthcare and criminal justice:

Maine: Ballot measure to expand Medicaid, plus 4 more
New Jersey: Governor, Lt. Governor, all 120 state legislative seats
New York: Ballot measure to call a state constitutional convention, plus 2 more
Ohio: Ballot measures on criminal justice and drug prices
Pennsylvania: State judicial elections (Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth Courts)
Texas: Ballot measures (7 total)
VirginiaGovernor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, all 100 seats in the State House
Washington stateBallot measure on property tax, plus 2 more


Some of America’s biggest cities have important elections this year — for mayor, city council, district attorney, & more:

Atlanta (GA): Mayor and city council
Aurora (CO): City council
Boise (ID): City council
Boston (MA): Mayor and city council
Buffalo (NY): Mayor and city court
Charlotte (NC): Mayor and city council
Cincinnati (OH): Mayor and city council
Cleveland (OH): Mayor and city council
Columbus (OH): City council, city attorney, and city auditor
Detroit (MI): Mayor, city clerk, and city council
Durham (NC): Mayor and city council
Greensboro (NC): Mayor and city council
Jersey City (NJ): Mayor and city council
Miami (FL): Mayor and city council
Minneapolis (MN): Mayor and city council
New York City (NY): Mayor, city council, comptroller, public advocate, and borough presidents
Orlando (FL): City council
Philadelphia (PA): District attorney and city controller
Pittsburgh (PA): Mayor and city council
Raleigh (NC): Mayor and city council
Seattle (WA): Mayor and city council
St. Petersburg (FL): Mayor and city council
St. Paul (MN): Mayor
Wichita (KS): City council


There are 220 state legislative seats up for grabs in New Jersey & Virginia, plus 30 seats in other states across the country. Heads up, Utah: you have a U.S. Congressional election!

Georgia: State Senate districts 6 and 39, State House districts 4, 26, 42, 60, 89, 117, and 119
Maine: State House district 56
Massachusetts: State House districts Berkshire 1 and Essex 3
Michigan: State House districts 1 and 109
Mississippi: State House districts 38 and 54
Missouri: State Senate district 8, State House districts 23 and 151
New Hampshire: State House districts Hillsborough 15 and Sullivan 1
New Jersey: All 120 state legislative seats
South Carolina: State House district 113
Utah: 3rd Congressional district
Virginia: All 100 seats in the State House
WashingtonState Senate districts 7, 31, 37, 45, and 48, State House districts 7, 31, and 48.


If you don’t see your state or town listed here, don’t assume you can’t vote on November 7. Follow these steps to make sure you’re ready on Election Day:

  1. Check your registration.
  2. Search for your local elections office.
  3. Make a plan to vote (find your polling place, arrange a ride, put Election Day in your calendar).

There are even more elections in the month after Election Day (most notably the U.S. Senate race in Alabama on December 12). If you don’t have an election, you probably know someone who does. Reach out & encourage them to vote!

These off-year elections often see low turnout and razor-thin margins, so every vote is important.

This post was originally published in Flippable by Ian Rose.

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