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Palentine’s Day: An opportunity To Celebrate Everyone Else You Love

February 8, 2018

Romantic love can certainly be wonderful, and there’s no shame in aspiring to it. But there are other kinds of love and relationships that play a prime role in our lives and sometimes we forget to acknowledge them. 

We are talking about the importance of friendships and the people who comprise our support system. These relationships are extremely important to achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced life. For the longest time, friendships were just a “side dish” to the “main course” —marriage, kids, and our nuclear family. As our culture changes and families are now geographically dispersed, friendships, more than ever, are helping us to define ourselves. 

That’s why this month at Catharsis Productions, instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating Palentine’s Day! We want to focus on those people close to us who make an impact by being there for us. Those who help us deal with the hard times and make the good times even better. 

Sometimes people don’t really realize how much they mean to us until we tell them. There comes a time when you realize just how thankful you are to have such amazing people in your life, but you don’t know how to tell them or find the time to do so. We want to help you out and give you these Palentine’s Day cards to share with those amazing friends and people in your life.

To share these cards with your friends there are different options: 

  • Desktop: you can right click on the card and save it on your computer.
  • Smartphone: To save the card you can press the photo for a few seconds and your phone should give you the option to save it.
  • Share/Tag from social media: We will be posting these cards on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter throughout the next few days so you can share or tag your amazing friends straight from social media.

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