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Orientation 2018 Catharsis Productions – Recap

September 17, 2018

2018 marked our 18th year presenting our programs during orientation season to talk about consent, healthy relationships and how to create a better campus for all.

We have worked towards creating a comprehensive curriculum to offer programming for every stage of a student’s life on campus. Research shows that populations most benefit from a multiple program approach with an alignment of messaging to help create true cultural change within a community.

This year we received great feedback from students and administrators sharing how much they enjoyed the program and how helpful and informative it was for their community. We are always trying to maintain high standards when it comes to the delivery of our work and making our programs the most impactful they can be, so we want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts with us.

We received hundreds and hundreds of feedback entries so we created a brief of what students had to say about it. Click here to read the brief. 


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Catharsis Productions

Catharsis Productions' mission is to change the world by producing innovative, accessible and 
research-supported programming that challenges oppressive attitudes and shifts behavior.