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In the News: Week of 9/2 – 9/9

September 9, 2016

Yana Mazurkevich’s photo series, “It Happens,” comes with a warning: “The following images may be triggering to survivors.”

This Powerful Photo Series About Sexual Assault Was Inspired by Brock Turner’s Release, New York Magazine | September 8, 2016

By @landsbaumshell


Textbook for Students Uses Victim-Blaming Language

Victim shaming textbook asks how girl’s behavior led to her rape, Metro | September 8, 2016

By @jencents


Analyzing Trump’s tweets regarding rape culture and victim blaming

What Donald Trump gets wrong about sexual assault in the military, The Washington Post   |   September 8, 2016

By @JanellRoss


Charity Begins Initiative to Break Gender Stereotypes in Professional Roles

Can Firefighters And Astronauts Be Women? This Genius Video Bashes Gender Stereotypes, Kobini

 September 6, 2016

By Evan Glazman


Flyers posted all over Penn State Campus after suggestive email

Flyers cover campus with suggestive email, saying “This is what rape culture looks like’, The Daily Pennsylvanian, September 6, 2016



Law School Grad Begins Non-Profit for Justice for Assault Survivors

 This Law Grad Gets Justice for Survivors of Campus Sexual Violence, Forbes | September 1, 2016



New Campaign Continues Dialogue on Consent

KnowNo raises awareness about sexual consent, The Drum | September 1, 2016

Via @thedrum

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