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In the News: Week of 8/12 – 8/19

August 19, 2016

Amy Schumer wants to refocus the attention to sexual assault prevention instead of internet trolling.

Amy Schumer: Focus on preventing rape, not Facebook ‘rants’ , Mashable | August 18


UC Chancellor Leaves after Criticism for Lax Discipline in Sexual Harassment Cases

UC Berkeley chancellor resigns after claims he’s ‘too lenient’ with sexual harassment cases , Daily Mail | August 17, 2016


After more than 100 years, gender equality is still more goal than reality in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

See 120 years of struggle for gender equality at the Olympics ,  PRI | August 17


Female Doctors Still Face Sexual Harassment from Patients, Colleagues

Don’t call me ‘honey’: Sexual harassment persists for female doctors , FierceHealthcare, August 16, 2016


Judges, Lawyers Minimize Perpetrator Accountability with Language

Lawyers use victim-blaming language in domestic violence cases, says report , The Gaurdian | August 14, 2016


New Resources Available for Addressing Campus Sexual Assault

Prioritizing School Safety: A New Curriculum for Colleges and Universities to Address Sexual Assault , The White House (blog) | August 12, 2016


Viral Hashtag Reflects Research on Sexual Harassment in Workplace

#HarassedAtWork reminds us why we should take workplace sexual harassment seriously , The News Minute | August 11, 2016


Planned Parenthood Finds a New Way to Explain Consent

Planned Parenthood Uses Fries to Promote Consent , ATTN | August 11, 2016


Sexual Assault Victim Releases Full Statement On Her Attack

‘Inspired by other survivors’: campus rape victim demands to be heard , The Gaurdian | August 11, 2016

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