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A Story in 7 Tweets: Why Malala Yousafzai Is My Inspiration

July 12, 2017

Malala Yousafzai. You probably know her as the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Or a women’s rights and education activist. Or the founder of the Malala Fund to raise money for girls’ education initiatives. Or the inspiration for a global movement who defended her and other girls’ right to education, quite literally in the face of violence.

Alternatively, an inspiring, badass, young lady.

And of course, her accomplishments don’t stop there. Her latest? On July 7th, Malala graduated high school… and tweeted for the first time. So, here’s Why Malala Yousafzai is An Inspiration To Me: A Story in 7 Tweets.


Solid first tweet (especially considering mine was “is watchin a movie”). Two words and I’m already listening.



Finishing high school, tweeting for the first time, starting her first thread– all while fighting for equality and and women’s right to education. ICONIC.



Graduating high school can be bittersweet, and considering what she’s been through to even get that education, this accomplishment may be sweeter than even a nomination for a Nobel Prize. Look out world, Malala has graduated high school and is ready to take on her future and I AM HERE FOR IT.


4 tweets in and there is no doubting it: Malala is an advocate that stands unequivocally for women’s right to education and a brighter future, in her hometown, around the world, and now, for her thousands of followers on Twitter.



You know, some people spend their summer after high school relaxing. Nope, not for Malala. She’s empowering women around the world to receive equal rights and education. This is now my new dream vacation.



Honestly, this is my favorite tweet in this thread. Everyone has a story to tell, but Malala takes this belief one step further and knows that these stories, particular those of girls around the world, are not only worthy of telling, but valuable in the face of obstacles. And now, with Twitter, she can use this platform to tell these stories.



And to that, I say:

giphy 6gif




Thank YOU, Malala, for joining Twitter and finding another platform to fight for girls’ education and women’s equality. Though I will say that navigating through those replies will probably be more difficult than any school exams you have taken or will ever take.

Happy birthday and congratulations on graduating high school, Malala! Thank you for continuing to be the inspiring lady you are and I can’t wait to see the incredible work you will do in the future, both on and off Twitter.


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Maddie Ronquillo

Maddie is a recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago with degrees in Psychology and Advertising/Public Relations. She works as the marketing assistant for the Catharsis Productions Marketing Department.