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15 Ways to Compliment a Co-Worker

March 26, 2019

Is it possible to compliment your co-worker without being creepy? Absolutely! 

Many people complain that nowadays it is not safe to pay a compliment in the workplace. Most men, in particular, fear that complimenting a female co-worker might put them in the hot seat, with the #metoo movement being so prominent. 

It is true that even simple comments with good intentions can come across poorly, and it can be difficult to navigate what is and is not appropriate in the workplace. 

However, there are many ways you can compliment a coworker (or anybody for that matter) when doing it in a respectful, genuine manner, and not expecting anything in return. 

Whether a coworker is a longtime friend or more of an acquaintance, praising their work performance (not their physical appearance) and letting them know you appreciate their skills could really make their day. So below are some non-appearance compliment ideas you can use at your office 

Non-appearance compliments: 

  1. You have a great sense of humor
  2. Nice job on that presentation 
  3. Your positive attitude is infectious
  4. Thank you for taking initiative
  5. You are very creative
  6. You are always ready to lend a hand
  7. I appreciate how tech-savvy you are
  8. You have great attention to detail 
  9. Thanks for being so reliable
  10. You are so kind
  11. You really have an eye for______
  12. You are empowering
  13. You inspired me to do ______
  14. You are so understanding
  15. You are so good at making people feel heard

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