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In the News: Week of 10/7 – 10/14

October 14, 2016

A direct message from most women in the United States

Watch: Michelle Obama’s powerful speech on the Trump sexual assault allegations, Vox | October 13, 2016

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Limbaugh Dismisses Sexual Consent

‘Here come the rape police’: Rush Limbaugh reacts to Trump’s ‘sex-talk scandal’, Washington Post | October 13, 2016

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Alaska Airlines Removes Passenger After He Catcalls Flight Attendant, Huffington Post | October 12, 2016

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Sexual Assault Victims from Military Tell their Stories

‘It savaged my life’: military sexual assault survivors fighting to become visible, The Guardian | October 11, 2016

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Pro-Athletes Fight Back Against Trump’s “Locker Room Talk”

Professional athletes to Donald Trump: Sexual assault is not ‘locker room talk’, The Telegraph | October 11, 2016



Increase in RAINN hotline usage during Presidential Debate

Sexual Assault Hotline Traffic Spiked During The Debate, Huffington Post | October 10, 2016

@HuffPost @jenavievehatch


Victim Speaks out Against Sexual Harassment at McDonald’s

 Filed A Complaint To McDonald’s Corporate For Sexual Harassment. I Was Ignored, Huffington Post | October 10, 2016



Grabbing a woman’s genitals without permission is rape.

Anderson Cooper told Trump ‘That is sexual assault.’ The Justice Department agrees. , Washington Post | October 9, 2016

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