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White Paper: Implementing Harassment Training

December 7, 2018

As you have probably observed, the issues of sexual violence and discrimination have been receiving a much larger portion of the national conversation in the last several months. While they have long been a part of human life; recent social initiatives, political discussions, legal actions, and media stories have readied our society to give the issues the time and resources they deserve.

Catharsis Production has over 17 years of experience creating sexual violence and discrimination prevention programming for colleges, military, and government institutions. We are now taking our expertise into the corporate market.

Catharsis Productions is known for making programs that are individualized to the audience we are teaching. To that end, we recently conducted a national survey to better understand the needs and requirements of the corporate community regarding sexual harassment training. Our goal with this information was to create a program that meets HR needs, meets the audience where they are, and also builds on what we know to be best practices from the research. The following are some of the results from that survey and our research-based feedback on the findings.

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