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Cheesy Ways to Ask for Consent

June 4, 2018

It’s National Cheese Day! And of course, you know we couldn’t let go the opportunity to use some puns and talk about consent. You’re welcome.


Consent: grate for any situation.   

  1. Does this feel gouda?
  2. Would it brie okay if I…?
  3. I know it’s cheesy, but hearing your consent would be grate.                 
  4. From(age) to me to you, do you want to…?
  5. Swiss it cool if I…?
  6. I don’t want to be a munster, are you sure this is okay?
  7. Tell me gruyere it is okay to touch you.
  8. Do I havarti your consent?
  9. It’s okay if this is nacho thing, we can stop whenever you want.
  10. I think you want this, but I’d feel feta if I heard your consent.
  11. Do you want to cu(r)ddle instead?
  12. Fondue you want to keep going?
  13. Can I…? I don’t want to make you feel blue or cause parm.
  14. Would it be cheddar if we stopped?

Maddie Ronquillo

Maddie is a recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago with degrees in Psychology and Advertising/Public Relations. She works as the marketing assistant for the Catharsis Productions Marketing Department.