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March 29, 2017

Leveraging the theme of Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2017: Engaging New Voices, Catharsis Productions is launching its new “I’m an UPstander” campaign, focusing on ways students, staff, and leadership can intervene to prevent sexual assault and violence.

“Bystander intervention is a really important form of sexual violence prevention not only on campus, but everywhere,” said Dr. Gail Stern Co-Owner and Chief Visionary Officer of Catharsis Productions. “Everyone has the power to stand up and say, ‘Hey, that’s not OK,’ to step in if they see something sketchy happening at a party or on the street. We all have the power to become an UPstander and it is our mission to give students the tools they need to stop sexual assault before it happens.”

Today, we launch SAAM 2017 at Chicago’s Saint Xavier University with a special presentation of “Beat the Blame Game,” a program that helps students identify and fight victim-blaming beliefs and behaviors. We’ll use our “I’m an UPstander” campaign, to empower college students to step up and intervene when they encounter a potentially dangerous situation.

As part of the “I’m an UPstander” campaign, educators from Catharsis Productions will be engaging students across the country in important conversations about ways to stand up when something isn’t right and sharing stories on social media. Students, teachers, parents, coaches, advocates can participate by downloading “I’m an UPstander” signs and templates

Join our campaign and participate by being an UPstander in your community. 

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