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Gender Identity

Be An Upstander

April 14, 2017

During Sexual Assault Awareness Month we have been focusing on how to be an UPstander at school, the workplace and our communities.

At Catharsis Productions, we believe it’s time to more from awareness to action. The good news is, that there are so many ways to stand up, speak up, step in and create cultural change in our society. .

Dr. Gail Stern, Co-and Chief Visionary Officer at Catharsis Productions, talks to us about what is an Upstander and how to be one…

Dr. Stern also explains how to apply our concept “Fight Fire With Funny” to be an effective UPstander, mostly for those of us in the field fighting sexual violence.

If you haven’t yet, check out how to join our #IAmAnUpstander campaign!

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